Del Rosario: They’re Turning into Machines!

Just a few weeks into his spell as the Loyola Meralco Sparks’ strength and conditioning coach, and Konstantinos Boukis is already making significant strides with the players’ fitness. The progress has not been lost on the team’s coaching staff and management, who have been impressed with the progress so far.

“The first week of training camp. You see the players, ‘My legs hurt, I can’t move,’ complaining like crazy. Now look at them today. They’re in the gym working hard, and when they get on the field they’re sprinting – no problem. It’s only been a few weeks in and they’re already turning into machines. You don’t see a single one aching, or complaining, and we’re doing double days two months before the season starts,” says Sparks manager Armand Del Rosario.

Having fallen short in the push for United Football League trophies last season, the Sparks are looking to improve in every possible aspect. With the addition of Kons to the team, one area that is clearly being addressed is the team’s general fitness.

“When we have Ceres pushing the bar up, we have to take a look at how we maximize things. One of the areas we looked at was improving the strength and conditioning. And this why we’ve brought in a specialist. And so far I only have good things to say. The boys are improving everyday, looking faster and stronger and hungry to get on the pitch,” says head coach Simon McMenemy, who has also reaped the benefit of having some responsibility lifted from his shoulders.

“It’s been great. It was always difficult last season when myself, and one or two other members of the staff had to handle the strength and conditioning of the team. It’s nice to have a specialist come in, where I can step back and evaluate how the players are responding.”


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