Know Your Sparks: Simon McMenemy

Joined Sparks: August 2014
Achievements: Led Philippines to 2010 Suzuki Cup Semi-finals, PFF National Club Championship title

Simon McMenemy is a name that will forever be etched in the history books of Philippine football.

Before he steered the Philippine National Team to the Suzuki Cup semi-finals, the sport of football barely registered in the psyche of the common Filipino. After numerous decades of very little success on the international stage the game was relegated to the few that managed to find enjoyment in the face of repetitively one-sided defeats. It was a lonely time for football enthusiasts in the country.

The landscape of Philippine football has shifted dramatically since. Today, there are thousands of young children taking the game up early. They receive quality coaching in top notch facilities, emulating stars they witness playing live on a regular basis in the United Football League, the premier club competition in the country. This explosion of football we appreciate today is because of that magical run in 2010.

Stacked against all the odds, McMenemy devised a way to stun the reigning champions at the time, Vietnam, on their home turf. The heroic manner in which the team battled to overcome the circumstances led to nationwide renown and the succeeding explosion of the sport in the country.

After coaching in several Asian countries, Simon found his way back to the Philippines, signing for the Loyola Meralco Sparks in August 2014. Since his arrival, he’s overlooked a revamping of the team’s roster, while leading the side to the PFF National Club Championship title.

Confident his side can beat all the top teams in the country, Simon McMenemy is hoping to create a period of bountiful silverware in the club’s history.

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