Returning Curt Dizon Explains Late Season Absence

Fresh from his immersion in Europe, Curt Dizon is primed for a big season with the Loyola Meralco Sparks. The talented young attacker, who recently just turned 23, explained his stint away from the club, and what he’s taken with him from his trip.

What happened when you disappeared mid-season last League?

Basically I just had an opportunity at Spain. So I had a few tryouts but I still had a contract with Meralco so I decided to come back and hopefully we could do something good this year.

Tell us about your trip.

It was a team that I was linked to for quite some time now, about three years, and every year I kinda get invited to go down and try out with them. So my agent sorted it out, and they invited me down so I went there for about a month. Then, I tried out with some other teams in Spain and yeah, that was it, it was a really good experience and it all just makes me more hungry to come and get back to it someday.

How did your experience in Spain contribute to your growth as a player?

Just being exposed to a different culture of football, and obviously the culture of Spain, and every country is different. Just seeing the different training methods, different sessions, different coaches, gives me more of an insight. Above all that, the coaches [really left a mark]. I guess all those experiences will give me something that I can apply to this League (Philippines Football League).

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