Player Profile

Jared Dillinger

20 Guard

Hometown :Colorado, United States
Date Of Birth :January 6, 1984
Height :6'4"
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Joined Bolts in: 2013
Previous Team: Talk N’ Text
Achievements: 5x PBA Champion, 4x Philippine National Team Player, PBA All-Rookie Team 2008, Gold Medalist FIBA Asia 2014, 2008 PBA All-star MVP

What are your goals and ambitions for this year?

I wanna stay healthy so I can help the team. I wanna get back to having fun. It’s frustrating when you get hurt. It doesn’t make it fun when you’re hurt. Just make it fun and enjoy the game. Make sure that I take care of myself. Just kinda making it simple and just go from that.

How difficult was it getting injured at such a crucial stage last season?

You know it’s part of the game. Injuries happen all the time. It was unfortunate I had it happen right during the finals. I tried to do everything that I could to help the team. You know, talk to the younger guys, give them my thoughts, or share my experiences being there before in the past. But, it was hard. It was really hard watching everyone play and I couldn’t play. So, with that being said, it’s just part of the game. It’s something that you gotta move forward from and hope something like that doesn’t happen again.

What was the extent of the injury and how is it now?

I got a grade 3 torn hamstring. It was pretty severe. I tried to do everything that I could to get back out there. I saw all the doctors that I could see, and get treatments as much as I can, but sometimes, you just need time for your body to heal. For the most part now, it’s okay. I came back to our first game and reinjured it a little bit. It’s not bad, it’s not severe. It’s just a little safety precaution that we wanted to take and to make sure that I don’t get hurt for another 3-months by pushing it too much. We figured, it would be safe to sit out a little bit longer before going out and play. All-in-all it’s a lot better. 

What do you do off the court?

I really like playing video games and reading books every now and then. I’m a super home body so I don’t really go out too often. Anything that’s just relaxing. Anything that involves not really doing anything is A-Okay in my book.

I’m a role playing, RPG guy. I like Final Fantasy XV. I’m all over that right now. Books. Right now, I’m currently on the Power of Now. It’s a good book. I try to read a book every two weeks. Sometimes three. Right now I’m enjoying it.

I really like autobiographies. Probably, Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson is my favorite. He’s got a lot of insights from his time with Kobe, his time with Jordan.